Lily Pads

life is a pond full of lily pads…
lily pads of yesterday, today, and tomorrow
little checkpoints in time
stepping stones along the way
(full of love, joy, and happiness
as well as hate, sorrow, and despair)

and we are all little frogs
skipping from pad to pad
traversing through this pond
and creating a trail of ripples as we go

we see well what is around us:
viridescent lily pads, blooming pink flowers, lively azure dragonflies,
and the sun’s brilliant reflection on the natural mirror beneath us…
these vivid depictions of outright conviction
are so colorful and concrete
and there.

and from the moment we are born
it is a frantic search for
the prettiest corner of this endless pond…
we hop by the flowers, chasing dragonflies
hoping they might lead us somewhere
in our journey towards heaven on earth.


from the eye of the bird
soaring high in the skies above us
we are but little tadpoles, little specks
darting aimlessly, without direction
from lily pad to lily pad
blindly exploring this endless place
till death sucks out the last breath
and we tumble and fall into the abyss
and sink towards the depths of the pond…

because from the moment we are born
we are blind to the horizons: the pond’s edge and the pond’s purpose.
these lily pads, these checkpoints in time
are only landmarks we see
a trail of torches we follow…
full of adventure but with no denouement
full of light but with no closure.

it may seem like a dark, zombie-like journey of hypnotized hopping
delving deep within the midnight woods
but there’s something happy about our lack of omniscience
something joyful about being blind to the big picture

something beautiful about seeing the sights of life
and worrying about nothing else as
we hop and hop and hop
from lily pad to lily pad.

inspired by Pocket Frogs (a game)